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Benefits of Amethyst Necklace

Benefits of Amethyst Necklace 

by Fauziah Said

Apart from Enhancing Your Beauty, our Amethyst Necklace has many benefits to its wearer:-

Amethyst has been the favorite of royals for many years due to its gorgeously regal purple hue. If you’re born in February, then you’re lucky because amethyst is your birthstone!
Amethyst is known for the many benefits to the wearer with its calming and relaxing properties. This beautiful stone is known to give the wearer the ability to relax and maintain balance in life along with peace and poise. 
Amethyst provides and keeps the wearer grounded and spiritual. It is known to provide the wearer protection from evil thoughts and keep the person safe, stimulates the brain to come up with new ideas, increases imagination and refreshes a person’s soul to create passion directed towards positivity and growth. 
It helps ease stress, aches and pains due to arthritis, diabetes, asthmas, headaches, miscarriage, PMS and others. 
It is been known to cure hangovers and help people keep away from drugs and intoxication.
It helps ease pain from: grievances, losses, and is known to bring contentment, happiness and help the wearer get rid of a heavy heart.
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